Thursday, February 9, 2012

100 Days Until the Big Day

Today marks 100 days until I (finally) become Mrs. Soper. It feels really soon and really far away at the same time. I still have SO much to do, but everything is coming together quite nicely. My goal is to spend one hour on the wedding every night. This has included organizing guest lists, vendors, making payment schedules, and fun DIY projects. My first big DIY project was my wedding shoes, which I'm only halfway through. They are perfect and the best DIY project I have ever done. My best friend Kimmy even featured them on her blog!! Click HERE to see pictures!!

I already know 2012 is going to be a great year for us. The wedding and honeymoon are going to be completely amazing. Dylan is becoming a real person, speaking real words, and truly beginning to communicate. And I feel like I'm starting to really accomplish a lot of my personal goals.

A big personal goal of mine is to do a 365 project on Dylan. I've attempted this in the past, but I let my busy schedule get in the way and I did not keep up with it. My amazing and generous parents got me a beautiful Canon T3i Rebel for Christmas renewing my love for photography and desire to accomplish this. Since I did not think to start on Jan 1, when would be a good day to start my 365??

Since it has been so long - her are some updated baby D pics!

Dylan and his adorable cousin

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  1. Start the 365 on his birthday! Document his "terrible twos" :D